Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Important: Check your Phone Radiation Before It Burst or Catch Fire

Important: Check your Phone Radiation Before It Burst & Catch Fire, how to check phone radiation, how to check SAR value of phone, how to prevent phone from catching fire, how to check phone battery condition, check radiation level, side effects of phones, cancer, brain tumor, phone bursting, phone catch fire, keep phone safe from fire and burst, prevent phone battery blast, check phone , 1.6watt/kg, how to be safe from phone, android phone sar value, android phone blast, note 7, Now a days we heard about phone burst or catch fire, so what is the reasons behind this, there may be many reason like, manufacture defect, battery issue, short circuit or higher radiation. So we need to check the SAR value of your phones, SAR means (Specific Absorption Rate), open your phone dialer pad type *#07#
          If your phone has 1.6watt/kg than its safe for use. But If your phone has more than 1.6 watt/kg SAR value than it will harmful for you, you should change the phone or talk to the service support or manufacturer.

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