Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to Fix Text Paragraph Not Justifying Issue in MS Word (Easy)

Sometime paragraph not justify in MS Word, this happen when you copy paste text from internet websites or pdf file, if you try justify manually it will take lot of time and energy, here I will shows easiest way to fix this problem, so let see how to fix text not justify issue in MS Word, this method will work all the version of MS Word.

1.    First select the text paragraph, click on “Home” extend the “Find” select “Advanced Find”

2.       Click on “Replace” type “^p” in find what box and keep the cursor on replace with box, now click on “Replace All”

3.       This will replace selected paragraph, if you want continue this action than click on “yes” other click “no” after this close the find & replace box

4.       Now you can justify the paragraph

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