Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Transfer All Emails & Contacts from one Gmail to other Gmail (Old to New) Easy

Hi guys back with serious topic, today I will shows how to transfer all email and contacts from old gmail account to new gmail account or one account to other account, so don’t be confused I will shows easiest way, just follow these steps.

1.       Open and sign-in your new gmail account click on “Gear icon”“Setting” than click on “Import mail and contacts”

2.       Enter your old gmail id click “Continue” and again click on “Continue” 

3.      Enter your old gmail password and click on “Sign in” and “Allow”, you will get Authentication successful” and than close the window

4.     Now click on “Start import”, that’s it, your all email and contacts will transfer from old account to new account.

5.       If you are getting important email in old account than link old account to new account to check the emails… watch below video.

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