Friday, 3 March 2017

How to Download WhatsApp Profile Picture & Video in Phone (Easy)

How to Download WhatsApp Profile Picture & Video in Phone Easy,save whatsapp contact profile picture,download whatsapp contact video,download friends status photo,download whatsapp image,image,picture,photo,download whatsapp contact image video stories,how to download status image,profile photo download,save stories for whatsapp,whatsapp tips & tricks,download your contacts photo,whatsappa contact images,save to phone,android phone,download dp pictureThere is no option available in WhatsApp to download or save profile picture or video, but using a simple app you can download status stories, make sure you have your friend’s permission before you save their picture or video.  So the app name is “Story saver for WhatsApp” it’s a free app and available in google play store.

·        You can download status stories of your contacts
·        Batch save
·        Easy to use
·        Inbuilt story viewer

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