Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to Use your Android Phone As Second Monitor (Easy No Root)

How to Use your Android Phone As Second Monitor (Easy No Root), how to use remote desktop screen, use phone screen as secondary display, remote pc desktop on pc, how to use two monitor on same pc, connect dual monitor, remote monitor screen, mirror windows pc screen on android phone, dual monitor, use android phone as windows pc display, pc to phone, phone to pc, desktop screen sharing, transfer, two monitor, dual display screen, remote desktop, spacedesk, teamveiwer, chrome remote desktop, mobizine, display castEver you think to use your android phone as secondary monitor screen? If yes than continues this article, I will shows easy tip to use your phone screen as second monitor without doing any root, but why we need to use second monitor; because sometime we need to do multitasking for example want to watch movie in one monitor and in other monitor want to do your work; in this types of situation you can use this tip, there is a free tool available for both windows pc and android, called “Spacedesk”

First you need to download and install this spacedesk tool to your windows pc and as well as in android phone, its perfectly working in android phone and tablet, so let see how to use dual monitor on same windows pc machine. (Note both pc and phone must be connected on same Wi-fi LAN connection)
1.       In your desktop open google in the browser, search for “spacedesk” open the first link, click on “download” than download and install this tool in your pc 

2.       In android phone go to play store search for “Spacedesk (remote display)” download and install this app to your android device

3.       Now open the app in android phone tap on “Connect” and that’s it, hold and move your task to right side and it will appear on your phone screen, move mouse right to left to access between pc screen and phone screen          

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usps tracking said...

I would like to read more of your posts. Very nice post thank you for sharing

Peppe said...

This tutorial was great, thanks, it allowed me to monitor PC temperatures while playing a game when I don't have a second monitor. Thanks very much.