Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to use Android Phone as Desktop Control, Gaming Control, Mouse, Keyboard, PPT, Projector,

Desktop control app,pc on phone,control pc from phone,share screen,mirror android screen on pc,how to transfer data from phone to pc,pc to phone data transfer,phone projector,use phone for ppt control,use phone for gaming control,monect pc remote,desktop remove for android,phone as mouse,browse file,windows 10 for android phone,screen share,pc remote control,gamepad,game joystickDo you want to control your windows pc from android phone? like desktop screen, gaming control, mouse keyboard, ppt and project etc; if yes than you need to use a simple application both in pc and phone, there is an app called “Monect pc remote” download and install this app in your android device than go to desktop type “monect remote pc” in google open the first link and install pc remote in your desktop, now open the app both in pc and android device and simply tap on connect, your pc and phone must be connected on same LAN connection, or you can use Bluetooth to connect the same

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