Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to Delete All Empty Folders from Android Phone & Tablet

How to Delete All Empty Folders from Android Phone & Tablet,Remove/Clean All empty folder from your device,remove all empty folders,delete all folder,delete empty files,remove virus from android phone,how to delete,how to remove,how to clean,find empty folder,auto delete all empty folder,blank folder,files,virus,junk,malware,spyware,Empty folder cleaner,how to make free space,clean sd card,clean memory card,delete app folder,remove empty app folderYou may noticed there are lots of empty folder in your android device, these empty folders created by apps and other sources, if you try to delete one by one it will take long time and energy, so lets it do by using a simple app called “Empty folder cleaner” this is a power app to delete all empty folders in a single click,

This app will delete folder without asking permission and showing folders, but it has options like “shows progress”, “log delete folders” and “scan android created folders”. Its very easy to use this app, go to play store download and install this app to your android device, than open the app check on three option than tap on “delete empty folders” that’s it. It will delete all empty folders from your device.

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