Sunday, 19 February 2017

Convert Black & White Picture Into Color in Phone & PC No App No Software

Convert Black & White Picture Into Color in Phone & PC (No App No Software),black & white to color picture,how to colour black & white photo,best app for black & white image to colour,convert black & white photo to colour,how to colour black & white picture,best colour converter,demo algorithmia,converter black & colour picture in windows pc,android phone,iphone,windows phone,how to do colour black photos,colourized photo,black to colour picture Do colour to black & white picture in phone and pc without using any software or app.  Click here for more detail..As the article title indicates you don’t need to use any app or software to convert your black and white picture into color, you can dot this both in computer and any smartphone, this is the easiest way to colorized black & white images with good quality and colour combination.. so lets see how to do this.

1.       Open google in any browser in your pc or android phone  

2.       Type and search for “demo algorithmia” open the first link

3.       Click on “Upload photo” and wait for 10 to 12 seconds, you will get colorized picture, click on download colorized photo, and that’s it.

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