Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Zoom-In Android Phone Camera Upto 30x (Shoot Long Distance Pictures)

Zoom-In Android Phone Camera Upto 30x (Take Picture for Long Distance),Android Phone Camera Zoom in,how to shoot picture long distance,shoot picture from far,how to zoom in camera,Binoculars,zoom in & zoom out camera,remove blur,best camera app,zoom in camera app,android camera app,best zoom in photo shoot,zoom out camera,increase,large,30x,4x,3x,zoomed picture,best picture shot far,dont blur picture,how to zoom cameraBy default you can zoom-in upto 4x to 6x in android phone camera, but using a app you can zoom-in upto 30x. “Binoculars” is an app which allow you to zoom in your phone camera for long distance photo shoots, but the picture quality depends on your phone camera and zoom in size, definitely picture will blur when you extra zoom in, but you can try this app its free and available in google plays tore.  

Easily zoom from 1x to 3x
Use it as binoculars or as a zoom-mirror 
Take a photo of the zoomed picture 
Built-in flashlight 
Easy auto focus,

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