Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Draw Straight Lines Vertical & Horizontal in MS Word (2003-2016)

How to Draw Straight Lines Vertical & Horizontal in MS Word (2003-2016),how to draw lines,ms wor line draw,word 2003,word 2007,word 2010,word 2016,how to draw straight vertical lines,how to draw straight horizontal lines,how to draw triangle,line draw in ms word,how to draw lines in ms excel,drawing,shapes,lines draw in ms word,draw straight forward lines,insert straight lines,how to drawing in ms word,2017,mouse line draw,draw lines in table,hide lines How to Draw Straight lines in Microsoft Word Document..  Click here for more detail..Welcome back, in this article I will shows how to draw straight vertical, horizontal & triangle lines in MS Word 2016, 2010 and 2017, its little hard to draw straight line by using mouse; you need to move mouse in the straight way, but if you hold “Shift” key before drawing the line than it will draw a straight line even you move mouse in wrong direction, you don’t need to move mouse on accurate position, so just hold “Shift” and drag the mouse to draw a straight vertical horizontal or triangle lines in MS Word. 

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