Tuesday, 13 December 2016

What is Red Line Under Youtube Videos Thumbnail?

What is Red Line Under Youtube Videos Thumbnail?,how to remove red line from youtube video,red bar under video,youtub video red line,how to remove red line,remove video red line,hide red line,what is red line in youtube video,Youtube Videos Thumbnail red line,Youtube Videos Thumbnail red bar,definition,what is red line,how to remove,watched video indicator red line,how to hide,history,delete,half red line,some part red line,previous watchedYoutube has updated Red bar under video thumbnail, so what is that means? The red line is watched video indicator, previously it was an icon to indicate that you have seen this video, but under some videos the red line is not full length or its half length, that’s mean you have seen this video until the half part, and when you open half line video, the video will start from where you left.

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