Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Best App for Voice taking notes for Android Phone & Tablet (ListNote)

Key Features:
  • Searchable. Notes are indexed for fast searching.
  • Quickly add notes, just slide it out and start typing.
  • Share notes with SMS, email, Twitter, and any other app that accepts plain text.
  • Hands-free speech recognition at the press of a single button.
  • Password protection option for notes.
  • Accepts plain text from other apps that share.
  • Color-code notes and filter your list by color.
  • Organize notes by category.
  • Deleted notes are moved to the trash so you have a chance to restore them.
  • SD Card Backup and Restore
  • Continue button after creating your voice note,
  • Time to Breathe option
  • Full Screen and popup screen text editors.
  • Category Sharing. You can share/export an entire category of notes.
  • Light and Dark Themes.
  • Text editor.
  • Create a to do list
  • Task list
  • Simple notetaking
  • Dictation software
  • Secure notes.

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