Friday, 29 April 2016

Difference between Clearing App Cache & Clearing App Data?

Difference between Clearing App Cache & Clearing App Data?,What is clearing the app cache,What is clearing app data,how to repair app,how to clear app caches,how to clear app data,how to uninstall,android app caches and app data,app setting,app not working,how to fix app issues,app slow down,how to speed up android app,android app running slow,how to speed up,how to fast,how to reinstall,how to get back,app updates,clearing app data,insufficient storage What is clearing the app cache? What is clearing app data?  Click here for more detail..What is clearing the app cache?
The cache is a temporary storage area of a device. The aim of this is to speed up how quickly and smoothly your device operates and reduces how much data is processed and consumed. Clearing app caches will not remove app setting, updates and data

What is clearing app data?
Clearing app data is a more severe step. It will remove app settings, updates, preferences and save data, in one word clearing app data resets an app to its default state.

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