Monday, 25 January 2016

How to Remove Pattern Lock in All Xiaomi Redmi Phones

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1.    Hold same time “Power key + Volume up key” for 5 second, when you get MI logo on phone screen, leave the both keys.

2.    Tap on “Recovery” now touch will not work you have to navigate option by volume keys.

3.    Press volume down key to select the language like English, and press power button for “Ok”

4.    Press volume down key to select “Wipe & Reset” and press “Power button”

5.   Select “Wipe User Data” and press “Power button” and select “Yes” this remove all user data from your phone

6.   After Data wipe complete, press “power button”, Reboot press power button, again press power button to reboot to system

7.    After this your phone will reboot and it will take some time to turn on, so be patience.                

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Siddhant said...

I forgot my pattern/pin, and I dont want to wipe my data.
as I need my data... no backup so how to unloack the device

Unknown said...

Esa combinación de tecla no me sirve con el xiaomi mi 5

Unknown said...

Esa combinación de tecla no me sirve con el xiaomi mi 5

Online Job Result Portal said...

Redmi 3s prime forget pettarn not show wipe dataa