Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to Measure Sound in Android Phone for Free (Sound Meter)

How to Measure Sound in Android Phone for Free (Sound Meter),how to measure sound in phone,how to measure sound in android phone,sound measure app,free sound meter app,measuring sound,measur audio,measure sound,free app,Sound Meter,sound measuring,sound meter,how to measure sound,best app,new app,best free android app,2016 app,sound meter app,sound db measure,min sound,what is the sound meter,pollution sound,surrounding sound      You don’t need to buy a any extra device to measure sound, you can easily measure sound in your android phone by installing a simple app called “Sound Meter” it’s a free and very easy to use app, just go to play store search for sound meter, download and install this app to your phone and open this app, now the app will measure sound in db and shows reading on your phone screen. 

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