Saturday, 23 January 2016

Best Mic for Voice Chat & Recording (Sennheiser PC 3 Chat) Price, Spec. & Testing

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Sennheiser PC 3 Chat Headset
Price 1139 $17

Model ID
Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT
Noise Cancellation Mic.
Cord Type
2 m
Frequency Response
42 - 17000 Hz

95 dB/mW (Power On)
Over the Head
Type of Headset
On the Ear (Supra-aural), Open Back
Sound Features
Stereo Sound
77 g
Headphone Jack
3.5 mm
Microphone Jack
3.5 mm
Microphone Sensitivity
-40 dB/mW (Power On)
Microphone Type
Uni-directional Microphone
Microphone Frequency
90 - 15000 Hz
Microphone Impedance
2 Ohm

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Earl L. Ortiz said...

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Charles Morgan said...

Hey!! I have a question. As far as i understand i can buy a 3mm jack adaptor to be used over a mic/headphone jack on my laptop. My question is.. can I use this same adaptor with my iPad o iPhone for voice calls? hope you can help me out. thanks.

Kenneth said...

I am interested in buying Sennheiser PC 3 Chat, but not sure about the quality.
And since u are using it for years, can u please share your thoughts about Quality of product, My main goal is Product Durability & MIC job is to support clients on call over internet , so i have to use it for 5 hours a day.