Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Shortcut key to Maximize Windows in Windows PC

Shortcut key to Maximize Windows in Windows PC,Maximize all windows using keyboard shortcut key.,how to maximize windows in shortcut key,how to minimize windows,shortcut key to maximize open windows,tips & tricks,hide windows,open windows,maximize & minimize windows,Microsoft Windows (Operating System),Keyboard Shortcut,Alt+Spacebar+X,maximizing windows,key,fast maximize,fast minimize,shortcut key to maximize windowsHi, I back with one more shortcut key of windows pc, this time is how to maximize open windows in shortcut key, you can easily maximize any open window by using keyboard shortcut key, we know how to minimize windows, commonly we use “Ctrl+D” to minimize all windows from desktop, but the key is little different to maximize windows hold “Alt” key press “Spacebar” and leave both keys and press “X”, inshort the key is “Alt+Spacebar+X”

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