Thursday, 3 September 2015

Shortcut key to Hide Tabs in Browser

           Welcome back again, so you want to hide your opened tabs in browser? Okey fine.. I have an idea, from this you can easily hide your chrome browser opened tabs in single click or using keyboard shortcut key.. Just you need to download simple chrome extension. Just follow me to know how to hide all opened tabs in browser..

1.    Go to chrome extension search “PanicButton” and click on “add to chrome”

2.   After successfully added, a button will appear on top right side of browser.  Just you need to click on that button to hide all opened tabs in the browser.  To get back all tabs click again on the button.

3.   You can also make keyboard shortcut key, right click on the “button”-“Option” select keyboard shortcut key..

     That’s it, you can hide all tabs in fraction of seconds by using keyboard shortcut keys..

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