Thursday, 20 August 2015

Youtube Shortcut key Pause/Play and Mute

Youtube Shortcut key Pause/Play & Mute,Pause/Play shortcut key,mute shortcut key,youtube shortcut keys,Keyboard Shortcut,youtube video shortcut key puase & play,how to stop & play youtube video,shortcut key to pause & play youtube video,youtube video shortuct keys mute,shortcut key to mute,shortuct key to stop,shortcut key to mute,shortcut key to play,youtube video pause play key,video player shortcut key,key to volume,up & down,youtube video stop & start key          So! you are here to learn youtube shortcut key for pause, play and mute.  A common pause/play key is “spacebar” but it will work only when your youtube video is active, but I have one more keyboard shortcut key for youtube videos to pause, play and mute.  Press “K” Pause and Play and press “M” to mute, these keys will work active and inactive video mode…

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