Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Youtube Shortcut key for Full Screen, Rewind & Fast forward

Youtube Shortcut key for Full Screen,shortcut key to video fast forward,shortcut key to forward youtube video,shortcut key backward video,shortcut key for rewind youtube videos,no activated seek bar need,how to do full screen,shortcut key for full screen youtube video,youtube shortcut key,full screen,forward video,backward video,speed video,how to forward video in key,Keyboard Shortcut,forwarding video,auto forward,speed up videoIn this post I will show you, how to use keyboard shortcut keys for youtube videos.  Today’s topic is full screen, rewind & fast forward youtube videos.  The best thing of these shortcut key is, it don’t required activated seek bar.  Now come to the point, to do full screen press “F” and again press “F” for exit from full screen, for rewind video press “J” and for fast forward press “L”, the rewind and fast forward will be move for 10 seconds.

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