Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to Make PC/Laptop Run Faster (4 simple steps)

Many people face slow pc performance, not because of virus or any other Operating System problem.  Just because of temporary files, prefetch, disk cleanup and tones of deleted files in the recycle bin.  So here I will show you how to delete and remove your temp files and how to clean your disks.  There are 4 simple methods, just follow me and you will know, how to make your PC/Laptop run faster…

1.   Click on “windows button” type “run” and press enter
2.   Type “temp” in box and hit enter, select all files and delete them

3.    Do the same “windows button” type “run”
4.   This time type “%temp%” hit enter, select and delete all files
5.   Again do same “windows button” type “run”
6.   Now type “prefetch” hit enter, select and delete all files

7.   Right click-properties of your OS drive like, C drive, in general-click on “Disk Cleanup” check all the boxes and click “ok”

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