Sunday, 12 April 2015

Read All News in Shorts in Phone (Newsinshorts)

Read All News in Shorts in Phone (Newsinshorts)
The news in short app is very useful for knowing all without reading all. This app provides all news in short, prepared by professional news editors. The news divided in many categories. Like, top stories, all news, business, politics, technology, entertainment, sports.. etc. etc. you have right to read your interested news in 60 words short news stories.  So that why I said “knowing all without reading all”.  If time is matter than go to play store install and download this app “News in shorts”…      

  • Read summary of all important news
  • Choose what to read
  • Select your favorite news categories
  • Get breaking news notification  
  • Flip the screen to read the full story from trusted sources
  • Share the news with yours friends

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