Sunday, 22 March 2015

Shocking Things Bans Around the World (Must Know)

  • Mannequins is banned in Iran.
  • Mobile phone is banned in Cuba, only higher government executive are allow to have mobile.
  • China banned Jasmine flower.
  • Malaysia Banned Yellow colour
  • In Denmark baby names are banned. Government approved 25000 names only, if you want different name, than you have to take permission from Government.
  • Video game is banned in Greece
  • Valentines day is banned in Saudi Arabia   
  • In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for any woman to drive a car.
  • In 29 states of US it is legal to fire someone for being gay.
  • In Greece, police are allowed to arrest anyone suspected of having HIV. Police are also allowed to force HIV testing
  • In Thailand it is illegal to step on money.
  • In Singapore, selling non-medical chewing gum or chewing normal gum is a fine of $1000.
  • In Arizona, having more than two vibrators in your home is illegal.
  • In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public.
  • In Massachusetts it is deemed illegal for a woman to be on top during sex.
  • In Britain it is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.
  • In Kentucky, a woman cannot remarry the same man more than three times.
  • In parts of India, a man who is in debt can offer up his wife until the debt is paid.
  • In Hong Kong, there’s a law that allows a wife to kill her husband if she finds him cheating. However, she must kill him with her bare hands.
  • In New York City it is illegal to honk your horn. 
  • In Florida, it’s illegal to fart in a public place after 6pm on a Thursday.
  • In Samoa it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.
  • In Victoria, Australia, it is illegal to change a light bulb unless you’re a licensed electrician.
  • In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm.

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