Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Online Banking User Must Know about these Virus

Online Banking User Must Know about these Virus
Cyber security have alerted e-banking users about “worm” virus which attacks and steal personal login secretes and password of an individual.  The virus has been identified and named as “Cridex”.  Cridex is an information stealing e-banking Trojan that propagates via removable drives and targets users of online banking or social media for stealing user name, passwords among others. 

The virus spreads by simultaneously opening a backdoor for downloading a number of malicious files once it enters a user's personal Internet working stream.   Some identified as banking virus are   'Geodo', 'Dapato', 'W32/Kryptik.BVB', 'Worm.Win32. Cridex', 'PWS:Win32/Zbot' and 'Trojan.Gen.2'

Cyber security agency said once the virus activated, it will start to targets and steals login credentials of various banks and social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
How to protect online banking from hacking
1.    Enable firewall at desktop and gateway level
2.    Keep up to date patches and fixes
3.    Use anti-virus and anti-spyware
4.    When login your banking account, don’t open any other websites.
5.    Keep update your system software 
6.    Use strong passwords
7.    Be careful about unknown emails and offers      
8.    Always scan virus to removable drives

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