Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Make Shortcut key to your most daily use Words & Sentences

            Many people including me used most common word while preparing document, writing a article or preparing anything in word document. For example my most daily use words is “hello everyone this is mj and today we will learn”…… etc.. etc…, So instead of typing this every time, let make this words in shortcut…. Yah Microsoft Word has lot of cool feature and options, one of them is “Auto correction Option”.   So here I will show you, how to make shortcut key to most daily use words in Microsoft Word and this method will work all word versions like, word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 also..
1.    First type your words or sentence and copy.. click on “Office button” and “Word option”

2.   Word option box will appear click on “Proofing” and click on “AutoCorrect Option”
3.    In auto correct there is “replace” and “with” boxes, paste your word in “with” box and insert your key for example “\” (insert rear use key)  and click on “Add” “ok”

4.   That’s it, next whenever you need to type this word just press “\” the word will be inserted
5.   If you want delete to go auto correct box and select your word and press “delete”

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How it works in Ms 2010