Thursday, 25 December 2014

How to Transfer Data from Desktop Computer to Phone Wirelessly

            There are tones of apps available for data sharing from phone to phone and phone to desktop but sharing data from desktop computer to phone its little tricky. But I have a one best and handy app for transferring data from computer to phone. Follow this setup to configure your computer to phone, this is one time step and it is very easy to step.

1.    In your phone go to play store download and install “Software Data cable” app in your phone.
2.      After installed open the app from your app drawer
3.    Tap on “Sync PC” and tap on “Start Service” you will get ip address like “” 
4.     Now come to your computer and click “Computer” (Windows Explorer)
5.   Right click and click on “Add a network location” click “next” select “Choose a custom network location” and click “next”

6.    Type the network address (see in your phone) “” and click “Next”  
7.    Give the network name (example mj) and click on “Next” and "Finish" now you can see “filer folder” icon, that is your phone, just open this, you can see your sdcard and phone memory, now do whatever want like sharing data from desktop to phone, phone to desktop, just do the copy and paste.

8.    If you want to close sharing, close the apps in your phone the service will be stop or if you want permanently delete this connection, delete the file folder from your computer, that’s it.  You did very hard work now enjoy wirelessly sharing

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