Thursday, 20 November 2014

Insert or Add Your Picture to Android Icons

How to Insert or Add Picture to Android Icons            There are lot of tips and tricks in android phones, recently I got one new tricks to insert or add our photos to android menu icon and desktop icons.  You don’t need to do hard work for this, its free and easy to use and it can change your android icon view in different way.  And you can get your original icon picture anyway.  Just follow these easy step to know how to Insert your Picture to Android Icons.

1.        Go to play store and search “Nova Launcher” download and install this app to your android phone, after install tap on nova launcher icon for open and apply.  
How to Insert or Add Picture to Android Icons

2.         Now you can insert your any photo to any icon for example if you want to change menu icon just tap and hold for a second the and tap on “edit”, tap on icon picture and swipe right side to go to your gallery.

How to Insert or Add Picture to Android Icons
3.         Now you can see the gallery, choose your image and crop as per your requirement and tap on “Ok”.

4.         Now tap on “check” that’s it, the picture will appear in your icon. So like this you can insert your picture to all icons.

How to Insert or Add Picture to Android Icons

5.         For Desktop icon tap and drag into “edit” and to the same.

6.         If you want to change your picture shapes like circle, square, rectangular, heart…..  you need to install “Shape’d” app from google play store, its also free.

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