Saturday, 29 November 2014

Best Theme for Android Phone

Best Theme for Android Phone 360 launcher
          Sometime we feel bored by using same them, design, icon, I want to give new look to my phone without updating my operating system, there are lot of free themes available in google play store. I got one of the best theme for free, its give different look to your phone and change your phone’s icon design and style.  Just follow these easy steps to apply this theme to your android phone.

1.        Go to play store, type and search “360 launcher” download and install this theme to your phone.
Best Theme for Android Phone 360 launcher

2.         After installed tap on “360 launcher” icon to open.

3.         Select wallpaper and tap on “just it”

4.       Now your phone is completely changed and you have lot of setting and option to make changes as per your need.

5.       One of the best option I like in this theme is “Quick open” when you open this, you will get “recent” “hot” & “installed” apps

6.         And other best thing is, its divide your all apps in category wise

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