Monday, 1 September 2014

How to Connect and Use USB Pen Drive to TV, watch movie, music, photo, text

          If you have TV with USB port, you can easily connect your USB pen drive to your TV and can watch your favorite movies, music, photo and text.  Before you go to access this, read your TV user guide, which format of videos, music, photo and text your TV will support.   Follow these easy steps to connect USB pen drive to your TV. (Watch video tutorial below)

1.       Turn ON your TV

2.      Find the USB port and attach USB pen drive to TV and wait for while pen drive will automatically detect, if not detect automatically, tap the USB button in your TV Remote.

3.       Now you can see option of  “Photo” “Video” “Music” “Text”

4.      Select and click which you want to see, use your remote to forward and back and ok.

5.       Like this you can access all these things easily to your TV

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Unknown said...

I can't get audio in connecting pendrive to music what Can I do my tv is already connect to home theatre itself how can I get audio in music

Unknown said...

I can't even change the options from Photo

Unknown said...

Please anyone help me

Kazi Nishat said...

This tutorial helps me to solved out. Now I can connect my USB Flash drive to my Sony TV Price in Bangladesh and also I want more article like this

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