Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sony's Affordable Headphones and Earphones Price and Specification

MDR- XB450, MDR – XB250 and MDR-AS200

Sony Launched Affordable Headphones and Earphones

MDR- XB450 Rs 2,190
The Sony MDR-XB450 has a 30mm driver with a frequency response of 5Hz-22000Hz.  will be available in five colors - black, white, red, blue and yellow. The MDR-XB450, made of metal, features a swivel folding style and a flat serrated cord.

MDR- XB250 Rs 1,490
MDR-XB250 also has a 30mm driver, a swivel folding design and a flat serrated cord like its elder sibling, and appears to be nearly identical to the XB450 expect for the metal body.

AS200 Rs 790

MDR-AS200 earphones, built for extreme sporting activities, have an adjustable ear loops and the same flat cord. They have 13.5mm drivers and a water-resistant design.

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