Saturday, 23 August 2014

Search Everything by Voice with Okey Google in Android Phone

In this post you will learn how to use okey google and search anything by voice with ok google, its inbuilt app in many android phones, if you don't have you can download from play store its free. Just follow these easy steps. (Watch video tutorial end of this post).

1.       Almost all android phone has inbuilt Okey Google apps, If you don’t have in your device than go to play store and search “Ok google” download and install first one from the list it’s a free app.

2.      If you have inbuilt in your device just go to desktop of your phone.
3.       You will see the google search bar beside this there is a “Mic” icon just tap on that.

4.      After tap on mic it will open, just say what to do you want to search.

5.       Just wait a second “okey google” will recognition your voice and provide you a best results or related search websites.

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