Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Create Wireless Wifi Network Connection in Laptop or PC

1.       Click on “Start” à “Control Panel” à ‘Network and Internet”

2.      Click on “Network and Sharing Center”       

3.       Here you can see the basic network information and set up connections.

4.      Click on “Manage Wireless Network”          

5.       Click on “Add” and click on “Manually Create a Network Profile”  

6.       Now fill the boxes, type correct network name in “Network name” box, in “Security type” take “WPA2-Personal”, inEncryption type” take “AES” type the correct Password of wifi in “Security key”.

7.       Tick on “Start this connection automatically” click “Next”

8.       Now you can see the “Successfully added” just click on “close”        

        Okey you did great job, now open your browser and enjoy internet over wifi connection.

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