Sunday, 31 August 2014

Best Free Live Cricket App for Android Phone

          There are many way to see live score and fixture of cricket, everyone have different choose and different way to keep cricket updates.  Here I am talking about the best free for cricket that is Yahoo Cricket for Android phone, you can download and install from google play store its free.

1.       Go to play store and search “Yahoo cricket” download and install first one form the list. 

2.       After you download and install yahoo cricket icon it will appear in your phone menu, just tap on that.

3.       Now you can see live match going on, just tap on “yellow score board” you will get all detail of live match. if more than one match going on live at the same time, you can slide first one and next match will appear.
 4.       Like this you can check “Recent matches detail’ “Upcoming matches” “Ongoing series”

5.       You can also view “teams“News” and “photos”                


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Cricky said...

Amazing app. They should also introduce a clone to watch T10 live cricket scores.

Ac Jitu said...

Thankyou for taking the time to write this it was a great read. Good job!