Friday, 18 July 2014

10 Things You Should Never Say In Salary Negotiation

1.       [I accept the first offer] be careful not to end it before it has even had a chance to start, 
2.        Don’t say [I am looking for xyz salary]
3.        [That's all you're offering me?] Never say this, or anything else that will offend the employer, even if you think the salary they're offering is laughable. 
4.        In negotiations don’t say [No] you have to provide counteroffers. 
5.      Don’t say [I have other outstanding offers right now that are much more lucrative] only discuss the offer at hand."
6.        [Bottom line, This is my final & last offer] If you say any of these things, and the demand is not met by the employer, the negotiation will be over.
7.    Don’t say [I need...] you should never say you need xyz amount more because of expenses or debt. Don't bring in personal issues.
8.        Don't use [I think" or "maybe" or any other "uncertain words]
9.        [The least I do be willing to accept is xyz] If you tell them the parameters of the lowest offer your willing to take, that could be what you'll get. 
10.      Don’t use [Cheap/Lousy] words.

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