Tuesday, 17 June 2014

LG Life Band fitness tracker and Heart Rate, features & specification

Price Rs. 8940.00  $ 149

Track distance
Track speed
Count number of footsteps
Variable of calories
Measure heart rate
Text messages notification
Calls notification
Email notification

            Now the world turning into wearable devices instead of smartphones, its time to wear smart bands.  Recently LG launched its LG Life Band touch wearable device comes with 5 days battery backup and supports both Android and iOS.  According to LG the Life band has a 3-axis accelerometer, GPS data and altimeterreading to track distance, speed, number of footsteps and the variable of calories that a user have consumed.

            LG says that heart rate earphones can help to get accurate health and fitness metrics when compared to other with wearable devices, the heart rate earphones can be used alone or with LG lifeband touch.   A separate clip=on medallion contains Bluetooth connectivity which send data to the lifband touch or a compatible smartphone.  By using LG fitness App, users can also receive audible status updates with the heart rate earphones.

Type                                      Wearable / clip-on
Tracking metrics              Motion / steps, Distance, Speed, Calories
3D accelerometer             Yes
Display                                 Yes
Screen type                         0.9 inch OLED (Monochrome, Backlit)
Touchscreen                      Capacitive [finger]
Fitness analytics               Yes
Sync type                             Wireless (Bluetooth)
Rechargeable battery      Yes

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