Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to Make Video in PowerPoint Slide

1)        You need power point 2010 or greater 2013

2)        Open PowerPoint presentation and prepare your slide

3)        After prepared all slides click on “Slide Show”  à “Record Slide Show”

4)        Click on “Start Recording from Beginning”

5)        Tick the both option and click on “Start Recording”

6)      Your presentation will start automatically, after all slide finish to play just press “Escape” to stop recording  

7)        Now click on “File” à “Export” à “Create a Video” à “Create Video”
8)        Give the file name and select where you want to save

9)       It take sometime to convert your PowerPoint slide to video format depends upon how much slide you are converting into video.

10)     Just wait to finish video and later play video in “Windows Media player”

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