Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to Fast Shutdown Make your Own Shutdown Button

1)        Right click on desktop “New” à “Shortcut”

2)        Type “Shutdown –t 60 –s” in the type location box and click “next”
           The “60” is seconds you can change it as per your need (for example 10,20,25,30,40) for change right click on “shutdown icon” click on “properties”, in “target location box” you can change your time.
3)        Type “Shutdown” in type of name box and click “Finish”

4)      Now right lick on Shutdown Icon on desktop à “properties” à “change icon”à choose suitable icon and click “ok”  

5)    Now click on “Shutdown icon” on desktop, your computer will be shutdown as per given time.
            (make sure to close application before you are going to shutdown)

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