Monday, 26 May 2014

How to Remove Extra Space inbetween Words in MS Word

Opps! There are many extra space in between words, what to do? Don’t be worry I will show you easy way to how to remove extra space in between words in Microsoft word document.  If we try to delete manually each space inbetween words its take very long time, every problem has solution just we need to find and fix on the right place. So just follow these easy steps to remove extra space inbetween words.
1.         Open your word document
2.    Press “Ctrl+F” and click on “Replace” à “More” à tick on “Use wildcards”

3.       Now leave 2 space in “find what” and 1 space in “replace with” click on replace or replace all.

4.       If you have more than 2 space inbetween words type “( ){2,}” in “Find what” and “leave 1 space” in “replace with” and click replace.     

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