Thursday, 24 April 2014

Now Charge Your Smartphone from 5 Meter Away Wirelessly

Researchers are going develop a device that can charges your smartphone from 5 meters away of power source and it can also charge about 40 smartphone simultaneously.  A team of professors of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering doing great improvement in the distance that electric power can move wirelessly. They developed the Dipole Coil Resonant System for extend the range of inductive power transfer, upto to 5 meter between transmitter and receiver coils.  The team did several experiments and achieved promising results under the operation of 20 kHZ, the maximum output power was 1403 W at a 3 meter distance, 209 w at 5 meter. For the 100 Watt of power transfer the overall system power efficiency was 36.9 percent at 3 meter.  Soon you will able to charge your smartphone from 5 meter away wirelessly. 

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