Friday, 4 April 2014

How to Browse Privately Nothing will be Recorded Anywhere

You don’t want to delete your browsing history? or you don’t like to your browsing history save anywhere? So I have a very safest option for how to browse privately that’s mean your browsing history will not be save anywhere and you don’t need to clear history every time when you browse. By using this method you can browse any websites and if you got any urgency to close the website you can close it and your browsing history will never recorded anywhere.  Just type “about:privatebrowsing” in Firefox address bar and a window will appear click on “Open a private window” after you click this a new window will be open and the privacy logo will appear on the top of bar, now you can browse your websites in this window and when you close this window, the private mode will turned off automatically.(See below image and video tutorial)

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