Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Microsoft Excel:How to adjust page margin in limited page boundary

Is your page going to out of margin in Microsoft Excel and you do not have enough space to adjust page in the page boundary, similarly there is no space for adjust text and cell.  For example I have page setup in A4 size and the matter or column going out of page setup limit. So what to do now, here I have an alternative solution of this, fellow these easy steps.
1.         Go to page setup you can use shortcut keys (Alt+P,S,P) the page setup box will appear click on “Page” click “Adjust to” and reduce the % like 95,90,85,80 and then click “Ok” in my point of view 80% is enough because if you reduce more than enough your text matter will condensed and its not look good.  

2.         First try to reduced slightly 0.5% or 0.10% as per your matter adjust in the   
            page size. 

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