Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to use multiple yahoo messenger in same PC desktop

Use multiple yahoo messenger 
no software required

1.  Click on "Run"
2.  Type "Regedit" and press "Enter"
3.  Extend "Hkey current users"
4.  Extend "Software"
5.  Go down and extend "Yahoo"
6.  Extend "Pager"
7.  Right click on "Test"
8.  Click on "New" "Dword (32 bit) value"
9.  Type "Plural" 
10.  Right click on "Plural" and click on "Modify"
11.  In value data type "1"
12.  Click on "OK"

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Microsoft word shortcut: how to insert symnobl

Microsoft word symbol shortcut keys

1.  Open word document 
2.  Press "Alt, +I,S"
3.  Symbol window will appear if you not found symbol click on  
     "Font" and select the symbol from list
4.  After selection of symbol just press the first word of symbol 
      name (Ex. for alpha press a, for beta press b)
5.  Click "Enter" your symbol will insert 
6.  Click "Escape" for exit 

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Monday, 14 October 2013

On screen keyboard shortcut

Sometime people need onscreen keyboard to type, Here today I will show you how to get Onscreen keyboard in short way.

There is 2 ways to get On-Screen keyboard 
Click on "Start" 
Type "osk." 
Press enter 

Click on "Start" 
Click "All Programme"
Click on "Accessories"
Click "Ease of Access"
then click on "On-Screen Keyboard"

Friday, 11 October 2013

How to convert word excel power point to PDF no software needed

Do you know, you don't any software to convert word excel power point file to PDF, if you are using Microsoft Office 2007 then please update to Microsoft Office 2013.  In MS Office 2013 you can easily convert any office to PDF. 

How to use 
1.  Open your Microsoft Office file
2.  Click on "File" then click on "Save As"
3.  Double Click on "Computer" if you want to save in SkyDrive there is option available  
4.  A save as widow will appear on your screen go down and click on "Save as Type" the all file format will appear select the  "PDF" and click "Save" your file will be save in PDF format.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cardiograph measure your heart beats in your phone

Cardiograph is a personal heart rate meter which measure your heart rate, you can see your heart beats rate in your phone by just clicking start button.  Cardiograph measure your heart beats by using your phone inbuilt camera to take a picture of your fingertip and calculates your hearts rhythm.  Cardiograph allows multiple users to record and save their heart beats rate in their profiles for future reference.  It work highlights its fail to perform in low light.  Its a free application for android smartphone and iPhone you can download and install this application from Google play store. (download link given below).

1.  Easy to use
2.  It is free and work like a medical equipment. 
3.  You can see your heart rate anywhere anytime
4.  Individual and multiple use
5.  Every heart rate measurement automatically save in personal 
6.  You can create your personal profile to save and monitor your 
     heart beats. 

How to Use
1.  Download and install cardiograph application from Google 
     play store.
2.  Click on "Start/stop" and place your index finger over the 
     camera be sure its completely cover camera lens.

 3. If your phone does not have a backflash light then you have to 
     move your phone in light area. 

4. Your heart beats rate reading will display after few seconds. 
 5.  You can create your personal profile by clicking on "Profile" 
    "New profile" and enter your name. 
6.  After finish tap on "Start/Stop" button.
7.  Your heart rate will be save in your profile. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Canon Laser Black/Colour A4 & A3 Printers Price & specification

Canon Laser Black/Colour A4 & A3 Printers Price and specifications

A4 Black Laser Printer LBP 2900B (Rs. 7095)

Smaller, lighter & better than ever

Printing Speed
12ppm (A4)
Enhanced: True 600 x 600dpi resolution
Uses PC memory (standard 2MB on-board)
First Print Out Time
9.3secs. or less
Paper Size
Front Tray:  A4, B5, A5, LGL, LTR, Executive, Envelope C5 / COM10 / DL, Monarch        
Manual Tray: Custom paper (Width: 76.2 - 215.9mm;
Length: 127.0 - 355.6mm)
Paper Input
150 sheets

A4 Black Laser Printer  LBP6018B (Rs. 6595)

Big performance in a small package

Printing Method        
Electrophotographic Printing Using Laser Beam Printing
Fixing Method           
On-Demand Fixing
First Print Out Time (FPOT)            
Print Speed      
Mono: A4 / Letter 18ppm / 19ppm
up to 2400 x 600dpi
Paper Input    
150 sheets 
Paper Size      
A4 / B5 / A5 / LGL / LTR / EXE / 16K / Custom size / COM10 / Monarch / C5 / DL / ISO-B5, Width: 76.2 - 215.9mm x Length 188 - 355.6mm

A4 Black Laser Printer  LBP3300 (Rs. 10995) 

The most valuable print companion

Laser Printer
Printing Speed           
Mono 21ppm (A4 / plain paper)
Maximum Resolution
2400 x 600dpi equivalent (Automatic Image Refinement)
Paper Capacity             
Cassette feeder: 250 sheets x 1
Paper Feeder (Optional)       
250 sheets x 1
Compatible Paper Size          
A4, B5, A5, LTR, Executive, Envelope C5 / COM10 / DL, Monarch, B5, Index Card, Custom paper (Width: 76.2 - 215.9mm; Length: 127.0 - 355.6mm)
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

A3 Black Laser printer LBP3500 (Rs. 43995) 

The professional A3 desktop print companion

Printing Speed (Monochrome)
A4: 25 pages*1/min.
A3: 15 pages*1/min.
Max. Resolution
2400 x 600dpi
First Print
Less than 10seconds
Toner Cartridge
Cartridge 309 (12,000 pages)*1
Starter cartridge (6,000 pages)*1
Paper Input
500 sheets
Paper Size
A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, Legal, Letter, Executive

A4 colour laser printer  LBP7018C (Rs. 16995)
Space-saving design
4 ppm colour and 16 ppm mono laser printing
Quick First-Print technologies
Energy efficient
2400 x 600 dpi print resolution
Easy toner cartridge replacement

A4 colour laser printer  LBP5050 (Rs. 21995)

Printing Speed
Mono: 12 pages (A4)
Colour: 8 pages (A4)
Paper Size
A4, B5, A5, Legal, Letter, Executive, 16K
First Print Out Time
Colour: Approx. 28 seconds or less
Mono: Approx. 22 seconds or less

A4 colour laser printer  LBP7680cx (Rs. 75995)

20 ppm colour and mono laser printing
9600 x 600 dpi print resolution
768MB standard memory
Intuitive Operation Panel
PCL5c/6 and Adobe® PostScript support
Gigabit Ethernet
Embedded MEAP
IPSec and LAN IEEE 802.1x compliance
Direct print from USB storage

A3 colour laser printer LBP9100cdn (Rs. 1,35,995)

Printing Speed
Mono A4:  20 pages/min.(ppm),  A3:  10 pages/min.(ppm)
Colour A4: 20 pages/min.(ppm), A3: 10 pages/min.(ppm
Max. Resolution
1200 x 1200dpi
9600dpi (Enhanced)
First Print
Colour:  13.3secs.
B/W : 10.5secs.
Paper Input
250 sheets
Paper Size
A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, Ledger, Legal, Letter, 16K, 8K (China), Executive (Other) / Custom (Width 100.0 ~ 297.0mm; Length 182.0 ~ 431.8mm)

A4 multifunction printer MF3010 (RS. 10995)

Desktop Mono laser 3-in-1: print, copy & scan
Modern, eye-catching design
Easy to use vertical display
18 ppm, 7.8 seconds First Print Out Time
Energy efficient 

 A4 multifunction printer MF4720w (RS. 17995)

Print speed (A4): up to 23ppm
Print, scan, copy, wired / wireless LAN
FPOT (A4): 6.0secs.

A4 multifunction printer  MF4570dw (Rs. 30995) 

The compact and wireless small-office print, scan, copy, fax solution with duplex printing

Print speed (A4): up to 25ppm
FPOT (A4): 6.0secs.
Print, scan, copy, fax, wired / wireless LAN

A4 multifunction printer  MF5980dw (Rs. 51995) 

The ultimate print, scan, copy, fax workhorse with PCL, Postscript support and wireless functionality

Copy Type

Monochrome Laser

Copy Speed

Up to 33cpm / 35cpm (A4 / LTR)

Copy Resolution

600 x 600dpi

First Copy Time (FCOT)

8secs. or less (A4 / LTR)

Paper Source(s)

250-sheet cassette

Optional Cassette: 
500-sheet cassette (PF-44) 

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Virtual projection keyboard for PC and phone

Virtual project keyboard was invented by IBM engineers in the year 1992, later 2002 it was redeveloped for portable computer size like a fountain pen,  projection keyboard detects and analysis human finger motion when a finger passes through the infrared light source it perform the keyboard objects on the screen, projection keyboard is a input computer device, the image of keyboard is projected on the surface when finger touch the surface covered by an image of key its record the keystroke.  Virtual project keyboard connects in two ways that is USB and bluetooth and there is 3 types of keyboard (1) Illumination module (2)Projector module (3) Sensor module.
1.  QWERTY English keyboard 
2.  Supports to XP/Windows 7/Vista
3. Comfortable for iPad/Windows  
     phone/iPhone/Android Phone 
    (2.2 or higher)
4.  Bluetooth connectivity 
5.  Rechargeable battery 
6.  Easy to move one place to another place
7.  Plug and play no separate driver required 
8.  Shortcuts keys and function icons 
9.  No worry to your keyboard became dirty, less maintenance 
     and less space.    

How to connect PC/Laptop via USB
1.  Connect the keyboard using mini USB to use the cable.
2.  Turn ON keyboard power
3.  Solid green LED indicates the successfully connection 

How to connect PC/Laptop via Bluetooth 
1.  No need to install extra driver in Windows 7
2.  Turn ON keyboard power button, blue light indicates the device is ready to pair. 
3.  Turn ON your PC/laptop bluetooth
4.  In your PC/laptop click on bluetooth icon on the task bar it will search keyboard after search select the keyboard and click next.    
5.  Enter passkey and press enter
6.  You can create your passkey by clicking "create passkey" it will show 8 digit passkey. 
7.  A solid blue LED indicates for successfully paring.   

How to connect phone via bluetooth
1.  Keep keyboard in SPP mode by sliding button to lower position.
2.  Turn ON power button by sliding right 
3.  Blue LED indicates the ready to pair
4. Open bluetooth in your phone and scan for new device. 
5.  Your phone will detect keyboard and display a massage (Pair with this device" click on that.
6.  Enter PIN to pair with keyboard.