Saturday, 15 October 2022

Apple MacBook Pro MNEH3HNA with M2 Chip Key Features & Review (2022 Model)

M2 Macbook Pro 13 MNEH3HNA

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8GB ram 256GB ssd, 13 inch, Retina, Apple M2 Chip, 

MacBook Pro M2 Key Features

Model            MNEH3HNA

Screen Size    13.3 inch (Diagonal)

Resolution     2560x1600 pixels (Retina display)

Processor      Apple M2 chip

RAM             8 GB

SSD              256 GB

Graphics Card 10-core GPU

OS               12.0 macOS Monterey

USB Ports      2 Type-C

Battery          (Li-Poly)

Backup          Up to 20 hours

Bluetooth       v5.0

Audio Jack     3.5 mm

Wi-Fi             Yes

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