Friday, 31 August 2018

Best Budget Smart Watch iWOWNfit P1 Heart Rate, ECG, GPS, Call, SMS

iWOWNfit Smart Watch, P1 Fitness Watch: Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, HRV Analysis, Pedometer, Sleep, Steps Tracker with Multi-Sports Modes, IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth GPS Running Watch
Price 4000 $57
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·        Built-in GPS
·        Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
·        Heart Rate Alert
·        50 Meters Waterproof
·        Multi-sports Management
·        Incoming Calls Reminder & Message Notifications
·        Battery Life Up to 5-7 days
·        HRV Analysis
·        Pedometer
·        Stopwatch
·        Timer
·        No Disturb mode
·        Reminder to move
·        Easy Camera (Remote control of mobile phone shooting)
·        Simple Flashlight (Highlight screen display)
·        Alarm clock vibration

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