Friday, 21 April 2017

How to Download & Upgrade Windows 10 Creators Update (Official) Easy

Everyone talking about windows 10 Creators Update and there are many tutorials available on this topic, but the point is how to download, install and upgrade windows 10 creators update to windows 10 pc, people shows different ways to do this, but here I will shows one of the easiest way to upgrade your pc to windows 10 creator update 2017.

1.     Open google in any browser type and search for “Windows 10 Download” open the first link and click on “Update Now”

2.       A simple tool will download, after download double click on that setup file, and click on “Update Now”

3.       It will check your CPU, RAM and Disk Space, after this click on “Next”  

4.       Now windows 10 creator update will start to downloading, feel free to use your pc, the download time depends on your internet speed. 

5.       After download 100%, it will verify the download,

6.       After verify its time to apply update, click on “Restart Now”

7.       The update will start, don’t off your pc, your pc will restart several time so let it to do its job and follow the on screen instructions.

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