Thursday, 9 March 2017

Make Your Mouse to Circle, Magnifier, Screen Drawing, Spotlight

Make Your Mouse to Circle Magnifier Drawing Spotlight,how to make round circle to mouse,how to make mouse zoom in,mouse pointer magnifier,how to draw on screen,pen drawing,on screen annotation,how to make mouse magnifier,add color circle to mouse,PointerFocus,how to zoom in screen,line,draw arrow,draw line,On-Screen Annotation Pen,Mouse Spotlight,mouse pointer software,auto zoom in,screen recorder,mouse pointerAre you searching a tool that provides screen magnifier, highlighter, mouse spotlight and pen drawing, there are lot of tools available for this, one of them is PointerFocus, this is a Windows application for highlight the mouse pointer,  mouse spotlight, keystroke visualization,  magnifier and on-screen annotation. To download this tool open google search for “Pointer Focus Download” click on the first link than download and install this tool to your pc. 

·        Highlight mouse pointer 
·        Keystroke visualization
·        Mouse Spotlight 
·        On-Screen Annotation Pen
·        Screen Magnifier 

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