Friday, 20 January 2017

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Images, Audio, Video & Files In Android

How to Find & Delete Duplicate Images Audio Video & Files In Android,delete duplicate images,remove duplicate photo picture,delete duplicate files,how to find duplicate files in android phone,find all types of duplicate files,recover delete files,android duplicate files,Duplicate Files Fixer,find & remove duplicate audio,music,video,images,files,remove,clean duplicate android file,search & clean duplicate files,folder,duplicate finder,android tablet,2017 apps Remove/Clean Duplicate Images, Audio, Video & Files In Android  Click here for more detail..There are lot of reasons where duplicate files are created and occupy memory space in your device, it might be happen because of file sharing, accidentally downloaded twice, android backup apps, created cached images or thumbnails, or any other reason.  So the topic is how to find and remove duplicate audio, videos, pictures or document files in android phone.

As we know there is no inbuilt option available in android to do this, but using a simple app you can remove all duplicate files from your device.  “Duplicate Files Fixer” is app that can scan and delete all type of duplicate files, its free and available in google play store.

Key feature
·        Scan any file type
·        Preview Files
·        Fast Scan
·        Exclude Folders
·        Multi-lingual support
·        Mark Options

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