Monday, 26 December 2016

How to Take Secrete Pictures & Video Even Phone Screen Turn off

How to Take Secrete Pictures & Video Even Phone Screen Turn off,hidden camera app,best spy camera app,Secretly picture shoot,hide camera app,lock screen camera app,auto picture shoot,secrete video recording,secrete picture shot,image,photo,best hidden camera app,blank screen,camera app for lock screen,auto shot,hide image folder,face auto shot,hidden camera for android,iphone,windows,how to shoot secretely picture,shot picture even lock screen Capture secrete picture and videos “Spy camera OS3”  Click here for more detail...“Spy camera OS3” is a background running camera app, you can capture secrete pictures and video over running any other apps, It will work even phone screen off, it has minimize option, auto shot, the best thing is; it has option not to save captured images in phone gallery; instead of that save in app folder; but don’t misuse this app.


Burst shot
Auto shot with delay setting
Face detection auto shot
Black screen
Hide folder
Video Recording (Experimental)
Save to internal/external storage
Auto email sending
4K video recording
Custom filename format

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