Monday, 10 October 2016

Shortcut key to Delete Many Words at One time in MS Word

Shortcut key to Delete Many Words at One time in MS Word,how to delete all words,how to delete paragraph,how to delete entire line,ms word document,delete many word,delete all words in same time,delete all at one time,how to recover,how to undo,ctrl+delete,delete character,delete sentence,delete multiple pages,delete multiple words,many lines,shortcut key,tips,trick,word 2003,2007,2016,remove word,backspace,fix,delete para lineHi, back again with Microsoft Word, in this article I will shows how to delete entire word in Microsoft Word document or how to delete many words or lines at one time, this is simple trick may be many people knows this, we use backspace button to delete character, but when you press “Ctrl+backspace” it will delete entire word one by one, to delete many words or line at a one time use “Ctrl+Shift+arrow keys” to select the text than hit “delete” button.

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