Saturday, 3 September 2016

Best Age and Date Calculator App for Android Phone

Do you want to know exact age, anniversary or any other date? “Age calculator Xtreme” app will calculate age and anniversary with high accuracy, calculate Age in years, Age in months, Age in days, Age in hours, Age in minutes, Age in seconds between two date difference and remaining days until next birthday or anniversary. Just enter your date and tap on calculate… 

Key feature
·    Calculate actual age/anniversary in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds   
·        Calculate date difference in years
·        Easily next birthday or anniversary.
·        Upcoming 10 birthdays or anniversary with days name
·        Easily share with other.
·        Save birthday or anniversary

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AppFan said...

Age Calculator ... very useful apps for me to count student's age.....fabulous. ......and birth date's day option is vr nice....

JioTV said...

thanks for your sharing
I really need this reminder app. I'm not good at remember date, birthday, and numbers....which makes my friends sometimes angry at me. Hope this app would help in some ways.

app_xmeye_pc said...

yeah, it will help me calculate more exactly. I love your post and your app. Thanks very much.

netflix apk said...

Coincidently meet this post when watching TV. Keep posting very interesting post like that!

Elen said...

I had download it. How about you?

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